Ways To Take Herbs

Ways to Take Herbs

Taking Chinese Herbs raw is the most effective and potent way to take herbs. In acute situations, raw herbs are the best form of treatment. However, raw herbs have a downside. Using raw preparations requires decocting the herbs for more than 2 hours a day for the length of your prescription & many people complain that the decocting process makes their house smell. The final product, consumed as a tea, is also definitely an acquired taste. Due to the obvious issues with taking raw herbs, many people opt to take herbs in a granular form. Granules are raw herbs that have been decocted and ground down into a powder. They are nearly as potent as raw herbs but do not involve the preparatory work. You simply put the recommended dose in hot water & drink as a tea.

~ Pricing for Raw and Granular Herbs are completely dependent on the quantity and duration needed and can range from $35-$60 for a 14 day supply.

Tablets and Tinctures
Tablets & Tinctures are two of the easiest ways to take Chinese Herbs. The tablets are similar in size and shape to what you see in most vitamins & supplements. Their mild flavor can be ignored by plugging your nose when you ingest them. Tablets are not as potent as raw or granular herbs, therefore you have to take 4-12 tablets a day.

Tinctures are herbs that have been diluted in alcohol. They are also very easy to take. Most pediatric formulas are given in tincture form because the tincture can be diluted in water or juice. Both tablets & tinctures are an excellent option for long-time care.
~ Price: $16-19 for 14 day supply. $20-30 for a 1 month supply.

Herbal Consultations
Children and animals can both benefit from the use of Chinese medical herbs. It is best to introduce your children and your pets at an early age to Chinese medicine so they get used to the unusual tastes. You will do them a huge service by offering them alternatives to pharmacuetical drugs (when medically appropriate) and setting them on a path of holisitc health at a young age.
~Pricing varies.

Herbal FAQs

How is Chinese Herbal Medicine prescribed?

Chinese Herbal Prescriptions are designed to treat the symptoms, the underlying causes, and the specific pattern unique to each individual. A TCM pattern identifies a person’s emotional temperament and bodily constitution, as well as their specific signs and symptoms.

For example, two patients with seasonal allergies may receive very different formulas depending on their individual symptoms and constitution. A formula is based on your individual diagnostic pattern. Always follow the advice of your acupuncturist or herbalist and do not self-prescribe Chinese herbs.

Do all the herbs come from China?
The Chinese have incorporated herbs from all over the world into their materia medica. What makes medicinal herbs “Chinese” is that they are prescribed according to Chinese medical theory and specific TCM pattern diagnosis. Sage Acupuncture only uses companies who stringently and continuously test their herbs for quality. All the herbal formulas we use are free of pesticides and heavy metals.

Why do some Chinese herbal formulas taste bitter?
Chinese herbal formulas are sometimes bitter because they are composed of roots and barks (where the strongest medicinal compounds are found). Although patients may initially dislike the taste of Chinese herbs, they often develop a craving for them after a few days.

Does Chinese Herbal Medicine have side effects?
Chinese herbs are generally safe and effective, yet they can be strong, powerful substances. Patients who experience discomfort or adverse effects (gas, bloating, etc) while taking herbal formulas, should tell their practitioner. Custom-made formulas can be modified and adjusted as needed.

What conditions can be treated by Chinese Herbal Medicine?
Chinese Herbal Medicine treats a full range of diseases and health-related imbalances. It can treat acute disease, like intestinal flu and the common cold, as well as chronic disease, such as musculo-skeletal disorders, allergies, gynecological disorders, autoimmune diseases, chronic viral diseases, and degenerative disease due to aging. Chinese herbal medicine is especially helpful for promoting the body’s natural ability to heal and recuperate from stress and illness.

How long does it take to see results with Chinese Herbal Medicine?
In acute situations, rapid results can be expected. For chronic conditions, results should be seen within a few weeks. Chronic conditions may require that patients take Chinese Herbal Medicine for an extended period of time; however there should be notable improvement quite quickly.

Can I take Herbal Formulas with my prescription Drugs?
Most herbal formulas can be taken with prescription drugs. However, it is recommended that herbal formulas be taken on an empty stomach at least 2 hours apart from the prescription drugs. Please follow the advice of your acupuncturist and inform her of all drugs & supplements you are currently taking. Please note: I do not prescribe herbs if someone is taking Coumadin (Warfarin) and I discontinue herbs 2 weeks prior to any surgical procedure.

Can children and elderly patients take herbs?
Yes, children and elderly patients can benefit greatly from taking Chinese Herbs. These two populations are not always receptive to Acupuncture making herbal formulas an excellent healing option. Please feel free to contact Elaine Ataba with any questions or for more information.