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"Happiness is not being pained in body or troubled in mind." -Thomas Jefferson

"Best massage yet. Vanessa helped me immensely. I can move my shoulder again and my neck is finally pain free. Highly recommend!" - Peter W.

"Wonderful! I have never felt so relaxed and no pain the next day from deep work. I feel more flexible than when I was younger. Great take home info as well." - Barb T.

"I went to Vanessa to get over sciatica after trying everything. My sciatica is gone and my whole body feels like it moves better. She gave tons of great advice as well and took extra time to help me." - Janice L.

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Happy New Year! Save $50 off Packages & feel better now!

Hello from my New York office! Are you stressed from the holiday pressure? Does your neck hurt or your body need to be stretched out? Take advantage of my New Year's Package Specials + save $50 or more! Please email me for information on my 1 on 1 Body Mind Meditation Sessions, Nutritional Counseling, or Health Coaching:

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, sad, depressed or tired all the time? Are you achy all over or do you have chronic neck and shoulder pain? If your body and mind are feeling disconnected after a difficult time in your life then consider a Body Mind Renew session. After a complimentary phone consultation to determine if I can help you then we work together to uncover blockages and patterns in your body and mind that have stopped you from becoming your best, happiest self.

Body Mind sessions can be done remotely and I provide a personalized meditation and creative visualization audio session to use between sessions. New Year's Special: First 60 minute health consultation $60. Two 60 Minute phone sessions $100. Package special 4 sessions including Nutritional Consultation and Plan $300.

- Working out too hard? Are you always sore or losing flexibility? Passive assisted Athletic PNF Stretching, Trager, and Somatic Movement Therapy increase range of motion and flexibility. Deep, immediately effective work. Excellent for runners, dancers, climbers and anyone recovering from an injury or time off exercise. 60 Minute Session $120. Package special 4 sessions including Nutritional Consultation $400.

- Exhausted but sleep doesn't help? Chinese bodywork addresses adrenal deficiencies, lymphatic work helps detox the body, yoga and Thai stretch stimulates acupressure points. Excellent after chronic periods of overworking, stress or grief. 60 Minute Session $120. Package Special of 4 sessions including aromatherapy $400.

- Need real relaxation and to tune out the mind? Calm the nervous system, relax the muscles, refocus the mind and let go of old patterns of holding stress in the body. A 3 Wave Session combines Meridian work, Chinese Cranial Sacral Therapy, and meditation to take a braincation. 90 Minute Session $120. Package Special of 3 90 Minute Sessions with Aromatherapy $300.

Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. To buy now please use my Paypal link:

Session Prices + Winter Packages of 4

Vanessa King

Vanessa Specials
Vanessa King, HHP, Clinical Nutritionist, Yoga & Somatic Movement Therapist, MT, CNA

Vanessa has been a massage therapist and natural health practitioner since 1991. After studying languages & writing at Franklin University in Switzerland & The U of A, she moved to San Diego to study personal training, nutrition, and bodywork. She was a personal trainer, nutritionist, and CNA for 6 years before focusing her practice on the recovery side of health.

Vanessa has studied and practiced in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, London, and Berlin and currently offers Health Coaching, Private Yoga Therapy, Sports Stretching, Somatic Movement Therapy, and Meditation Sessions in New York City.

Her unique massage style is a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Zen Shiatsu, Trager, Thai Sports Stretch, Meridian Therapy, Chinese Cranial Sacral, Lomi Lomi, & creative visualization to calm body & mind without pain.


My office in New York is conveniently located in the West Village near Union Square in Manhattan. Sessions are by appointment only.

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